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May 1st, 2012, 00:48
Originally Posted by Crilloan View Post
It have turned rather silly and somewhat sad with all the bashing.

Im not thrilled by the direction Bioware is going but for some it seems like a personal grudge.

Maybe some oldtimers feel betrayed by BW and that explains the constant venom?
There is less civil discussion now.

Im out.

It's real simple: They fucked up the sequel, as companies often do w/ their games/movies/next cd.

We collectively for the most part liked Dragon Age and Bioware used to be our hero, and i personally can say that I count it in my top games of 21st century. They fucked up the sequel, in a lot of different ways. It was a missed opportunity for greatness, it sucked, we're bitter. They flaunted the awesome button, that made a lot of people mo' bitter. They cut down their fans that didnt like it, bit the hand that feeds, made us even more bitter. And bitier

Now we gripe about it, if you dont like it then youre welcome to kindly gtfo
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