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May 1st, 2012, 03:55
Originally Posted by NFLed View Post
I'm surprised at the level of hatred in this web page for Bioware — and only Bioware — games. When you enjoy a niche it is counter-productive to haterize … oh forget it no-one who hates is going to care what I say anyway.

Can't people allow fanboyz like me to enjoy what we enjoy without pillorying it with ridiculous hatred?

Arkadia7, good post. Thank you for helping me skip what is apparently a boring interview. (I am not being sarcastic, I feel that your post is right on point unlike the other ones which are mostly just haterade.) I'm out, this is not fun to me.
Have you considered that maybe the reason for this hatred is because Bioware is the only developer that's been popping out games most often lately and it just happened to be quality was rather shit? Like it or not, Bioware has been center of attention for quite a while.

Also, I think Mark of the Assassin was such a cheap was to make money. From what I remember Felicia Day was more talked about topic than "Talis" herself.

Originally Posted by Maylander View Post
BioWare has had romance options since BG2 though. BG1 is pretty much the only game without it.
Yes, but I felt romance in BG2 romance was much more subtle than later games. It goes through quite a lot of dialogues, building some type friendship before becoming full "I LOVE YOU XOXO" type — at least with Anomen that was. He talks about his worries and anguish over his family (mainly about his sister and dad) before going into actual romance talk. Most shockingly horrible romance of all was Casavir from NWN2 (yes it not from Bioware, I know).

Can't say I hate Bioware games. I still like somethings they are doing. It's just, like others, I'm utterly disappointed in their latest products for reasons pointed out for countless times.
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