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May 1st, 2012, 15:10
Rift stole GW2 dynamic event idea (i.e. GW2 announced they had it before Rift did), but Rift developers didn't really understood what GW2 had in mind. They only implemented the attack version that Anet first explained (Centaurs attacking a village), but without the chained part (beat back invaders + rebuilt village).

In GW2 you have quite a bit of variety in events: defend, escort, attack, collect, free prisoners, destroy, rebuilt. Might be more, that's the one I participated in. Some are chained, some are not and some are just there for fun. Also, they are not random. Events are carefully planned with specific monsters/creatures and result for success/failure. Some have a lots of lore behind them too. Some require you to talk to a NPCs to "trigger".

Example of events I have done in my BWE in 3 starting zones and never going above level 5:
  • Stop rabbits from eating watermelons.
  • Return frightened cows to their pens.
  • I stumbled upon an escort event where I had to follow 3 Charr cubs exploring haunted ruins. We had to keep their fear level low, which mean beat down the ghost when they show up to scare them. While the cubs were exploring, they had funny little conversation. Funniest event so far and totally adorable.
  • A got a couple of different collect events: collect apple in a spider infested area (chain in loop into clear place of spiders and kill the queen), steal ore (chained into miners retaliating), collect devourer eggs using distracting thumpers and take back cannonballs from thiefs.
  • X attacking Y so we have to defend it.
  • Escort a scout from point A to B
  • Transform into a snow leopard and root Dirge Excavator from the ground and bushes.
  • Kill X like the Flame Legion Shaman.
  • Destroy camp of Son of Svanir with a wolf pack.

I also missed quite a few, because I didn't play that much in the human area. And I never saw the larger event chains that show up after level 10. Also, completing an event will make a new karma vendor available for a while. Failing events can cause some merchants to have nothing to sale until a new event start and is completed successfully.
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