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May 1st, 2012, 17:09
Originally Posted by Ashgar View Post
I got the King's Sword hilt from a chest at the Maricai bay if you follow the beach first east and then north from the ship you will find the chest on a clif area
You're right! I was now able to craft it. Seems there's simply a hilt too much in the game. I'll modify my post.

I bumped into another bug by the way: Maracai Bay main quest - if you get the quest to find blood for Corrientes, and then discover his true identity before talking to the shaman, the shaman won't give you the blood. In that case you can't go through the portal, and will be forced to deal with Garcia in the camp, which is crazy hard due to all the natives attacking you as well.

I solved it by using the Scepter of Power to get Garcia's guys to attack each other. For some reason using voodoo doesn't trigger a hostile reaction, so they basically killed each other without anyone thinking I was behind it.

I have no idea how to solve that situation if you don't have voodoo though, it seems like a game breaker, as taking on Garcia in the camp is suicidal. It might be possible to pull him away from the camp or some such thing.
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