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May 1st, 2012, 22:06
Thanks so much for all the feedback. I am resuming research and reading up on your recommendations. May I ask why you consider 16:10 preferrable, when it seems a rather unusual aspect ratio? I'll try to find some, unfortunately PCP does not have a filter for the aspect ratio (or is 1920x1200 the same thing?).

The Dell Ultra Sharp is available here (there is actually a returned one for just 300 CHF) but it says it has 8ms reaction time - I thought that was considered a bit sluggish for gaming - or is that not so important?
Is BenQ an OK company? I picked the one in my list because it fulfilled my criteria (24', 2 ms reaction time, and low energy consumption) and was relatively cheap, but I have no preferences. 3D? Hmm so you need a special monitor there? That's something to consider, maybe. The BenQ you recommended (XL2420T) is really expensive though, CHF 470,-!

I'm surprised there seem to be such differences in quality and technologies in the SSDs - I guess I'll go back to the Samsung I had originally in my list, then, it wasn't that much more expensive. I won't be able to get anything off of Newegg (I'm based in Switzerland as Moriendor noted correctly - although I am not myself Swiss).
Edit: Ther Kingston HyperX I picked becasue they have it on sale for 100,- less - its SandForce SF-2281 - not recommendable?
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