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May 1st, 2012, 23:57
So it'll be called "Dawnguard" - no huge surprise there.

It's a little hilarious how the scant information that people have on this gets mangled by other news aggrigator sites. I've seen several implying it was adding fanciful a "snow elf player race" and a "snow elf princess." I think some of the editors for those sites probably have a hilariously wrong idea of what "snow elves" look like. That they turned a single character called the "snow prince" into a "snow elf princess and a 'new' snow elf race" kind of makes me laugh a little.

I suppose the practice of heavily paraphrasing and attempting to expand what ammounts to 4 pieces of sentence-length information into 5 paragraph blog/news posts is partly to avoid accidental plagarism. Too bad some of those other sites also end up losing what little original information their was through editorial brain-farts in the process. Here's an example - and part of the reason I prefer a specialized site like RPGwatch:


How they are so certain those are "crossbow arrows" is beyond me. They must know something about bolts and quarrels that makes that obvious despite the fletching and back-mounted quiver (yes you can put a bolt quiver on your back, but most of the period ones I've seen are belt carried.) At least they haven't described them as a beautiful and fanciful new player race like I saw one site do earlier today - I'll try to find it again if they haven't edited it.
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