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May 2nd, 2012, 14:05
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May I ask why you consider 16:10 preferrable, when it seems a rather unusual aspect ratio? I'll try to find some, unfortunately PCP does not have a filter for the aspect ratio (or is 1920x1200 the same thing?)
120 more vertical pixels = more screen real estate . You can also put two A4 pages next to each other in full screen w/o vertical scrolling. It's more comfortable to do work on a 16:10 screen.

The Dell Ultra Sharp is available here (there is actually a returned one for just 300 CHF) but it says it has 8ms reaction time - I thought that was considered a bit sluggish for gaming - or is that not so important?
I'll just quote from the Prad.de review I linked to above. I can confirm what they have said from my experience though if you play something really fast like Quake in tournaments then you might maybe want to consider a faster screen. Here's the quote:

Die Latenz ermitteln wir als Summe der Signalverzögerungszeit und der halben mittleren Bildwechselzeit. Die für Gamer wichtige Signalverzögerung messen wir beim U2412M mit äußerst kurzen 0,9 Millisekunden. Bis zur Soll-Helligkeit vergehen durchschnittlich weitere 6,5 Millisekunden, die mittlere Gesamtlatenz fällt mit insgesamt 7,4 Millisekunden sehr kurz aus.

Subjektive Beurteilung
Das IPS-Panel des U2412M wurde auf kurze Schaltzeiten getrimmt; die 6-Bit-Farbansteuerung, wie sie sonst fast ausschließlich bei TN-Panels gebräuchlich ist, verhilft dem Display zu für IPS-Verhältnisse recht flotten Schaltzeiten; die Overdrive-Schaltung tut ihr Übriges, ist aber dabei so dosiert, dass störende Artefakte nur noch in synthetischen Tests in geringem Maße feststellbar sind.
Das Spielen auch von sehr flotten Spielen ist auf dem DELL U2412M möglich. Bemerkenswert ist die Tatsache, dass sich der Overdrive trotz schneller Reaktionszeiten subjektiv kaum negativ bemerkbar macht. Bei den schnellsten TN-Panels, die hier noch ein paar Millisekunden mehr herausholen, kann man dies nicht behaupten.

Is BenQ an OK company? I picked the one in my list because it fulfilled my criteria (24', 2 ms reaction time, and low energy consumption) and was relatively cheap, but I have no preferences. 3D? Hmm so you need a special monitor there? That's something to consider, maybe. The BenQ you recommended (XL2420T) is really expensive though, CHF 470,-!
BenQ is OK in my opinion. I used to have a 19" LCD of them a few years back and it did its job reliably. You do need a 120Hz screen for 3D because the alternating image needs to be rendered at 60Hz for each eye (or the "eyes" of the 3D glasses rather). The XL2420 is supposed to be the best of its class, i.e. the best 3D compatible 120Hz monitor. BenQ knows they have a winner on their hands and that's why it's pretty expensive. Well, all 120Hz LCDs are a bit expensive still because 3D is a special domain. It will take time before the prices come down.

Edit: Ther Kingston HyperX I picked becasue they have it on sale for 100,- less - its SandForce SF-2281 - not recommendable?
I wouldn't take my chances on a SandForce-based drive of this generation. I have read the OCZ and Corsair forums when the SF-2281 were still fairly new and there were heaps of people who had blue screen issues (BSOD). SandForce released two or three new firmwares in short order but without being able to fix the issue for good. That's what scared me the most. They totally poked around in the dark and seemed to have no clue at all where to even begin searching for the issue. Heck, SandForce actually asked people with BSODs to ship their entire system to them so they could test the user's system!

I don't know about anyone else but I will gladly trade a few points in a synthetic benchmark for more reliability. It's the hard drive after all. My data is holy . I'm not going to make any crappy compromises when it comes to reliability. The real world performance of SSDs is all the same anyway. It doesn't matter if you have SandForce, Marvell (Crucial, Plextor, Intel 510 etc.) or a Samsung controller so one might as well just go for the most reliable option.
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