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May 2nd, 2012, 20:04
Originally Posted by Von Paulus View Post
For me the matter is always, if it's a good game or not.
Of course not having the TB system it makes me more skeptic, but if players keep telling that it's worthwhile (like it seems to be in this case) than I'm interested.
At least we haven't a new Syndicate in this case.
Exactly my view. At least we didn't get a crap console FPS…

I think it was a fun game with problems to begin with. The patches have made it better and addressed a lot of bugs and requests from the community, but the RTwP isn't going to change. For me it's no different than SSI vs. Bioware D&D games. I liked the turn based games, but I didn't mind RTwP in Baldur's Gate because it was a good game.

In this case, I definitely recommend trying the demo. BIA is a love it or hate it game, apparently.
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