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May 2nd, 2012, 22:35
Possibly bad news; every single time I have ever gotten the BSOD (Blue Screen of Death), it has meant that there was a hardware problem. Always with desktops though. Usually the hardware problem is power supply. Sometimes it has been video card related. It can also happen from a failing hard drive.

Possibly good news: There's a freeware program that will make every single browser, bar none, run faster and better. The program is CCleaner. What it does is clean out the browser caches and other junk that interferes with hard drive and browser. Don't get the paid version. You don't need it. Just get the free version. I've made lots of computers run at much much faster speeds just by installing this. I've seen reports from computer techs who say this is often the only solution needed to fix an ailing computer.

Trying to figure out what your problem might be: Another solution might be to reinstall your video driver. Bad video driver can cause BSOD. Opening multiple browser tabs will stress video card, so that could be problem. Opening multiple browser tabs will also stress the memory, and you might have a bad memory stick. You can get various free memory testing progs; so you might try running one of those. Also multiple tabs can also stress hard drive and hard drive cache. It could be worthwhile to test hard drive with a freeware test program.

Malware: Malwarebytes Antimalware is the program you want to use to look for malware. It's free (don't get the paid, always running version). A quick scan should find any problem. A full scan will almost definitely find any malware problem that you might have.

Good luck.

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