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May 3rd, 2012, 05:59
There's an interview with Jeff Vogel at Indiegraph covering a range of general topics. Here's a snip on the changes brought by iTunes and Steam:
5.) I know you recently started selling your games on the iPad (and Steam too I believe?). How has this shift been for you? Was it tricky to get into the App Store, let alone make the gameís UI work with a touchscreen? How has Steam been for you?
Our games are now on iTunes and Steam, and it has made a worldís worth of difference for our business. Our sales have gone through the roof, and itís terrific. Getting into the App Store is easy, but getting attention once you are there is not. Itís very crowded.
Steam is the opposite. Itís tough to get in, and I had to make a strong case before they accepted our games. Once they were in, Steam was hugely supportive and itís a fantastic place to sell games.
More information.
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