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May 3rd, 2012, 10:24
That is what I meant about not talking about the same thing

I did not imply that NPC's flicker in and out of existence or pop in as close to the protagonist as say the balloon plants.

But when you have a larger viewrange (i.e going downhill from the jungle towards the plantation or from the jail tower towards the starting harbor in Tacarigua) the distance in which NPCs spawn may be noticeable if it is in example 50-100 ingame meters to 300-500 i.e (very gross estimates, my final values iirc are :

This is probably less of an issue in this game that has less expansive vistas than G3 i.e. But even so I find that it enhances immersion very nicely if I can see NPCs and creatures in the distance moving among the grasses (in addition to making my pet peeve going away).

Really, if your system can handle it I cannot see why you wouldn't do those tweaks. They enhance the game quite a bit imo…
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