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May 3rd, 2012, 20:34
Originally Posted by bangarang View Post
I don't really understand this thread, you guys know it is a kickstarter right? Where *concepts* are presented to backers. Why would you expect any features to be complete and polished? They haven't even gotten to the alpha stage.
I do not expect complete and polished features, I expect a good indication that the game is going to be completed and that it will deliver what was promised on time. And of course, if I am to invest in a project I need to have as clear an indication as possible that its creator is far more invested than I am.

Telling me that you are going to bring the 'new evolution' in gaming, promising me epic adventures, "the most dynamic sandbox world yet to be conceived" etc. etc. and all that in a year and with only $250,000 + the fact that, as skavenhorde said, they didn't finish their previous game gives me an indication that you either don't really know what you're talking about or you're lying. In any case I'm staying away.

Now, I might be completely wrong here. Would have I believed Notch if we was to tell me a few years ago that this little idea for a game that he had would be the real next big thing? Possibly not. Unfortunately though, I'm not convinced, and I can't just give them money because I might just be wrong. Reasonable doubt, unfortunately, works against them in this case.
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