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May 3rd, 2012, 21:01
I don't know how you finished so quickly(no work, no kids?!), but thanks for the review. I've been playing this game this week and I must say that I am really enjoying it. The weird graphic anomolies don't bother me much like the foliage growing…found it strange at first. I have a very old system P4 3.2 GHz with an 8600GTS and play on medium settings. I really like the way PB has done most of this game. At first I was turned off by the Pirate theme but I am now enjoying it. I've got about 10 hours game time into it…more than that in reality due to reloading and redoing things in order to get as much glory/gold as I can. I'm hoping someone comes out with a guide to get most glory/gold and build some uber character…not sure if there is enough gold/glory to achieve that in the game though. Going inquisition this round and will try voodoo next.
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