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May 3rd, 2012, 21:24
Originally Posted by bangarang View Post
Moving and swinging around swords is a lot better than just some concept art created for two personalities who have no development experience what so ever (I'm look at you, Yogventures)
Oh come on, yes this and Yogventures are probably competing for some of the same backers but there's no need say things that are flat out untrue about another project. It's not particularly honest to call a pitch video consisting of a sort of skit performed in an alpha build of the game "concept art."

Sure, having a a large following on youtube helped them a whole lot - helped get the word out and also it makes at least some sense to consider backing someone whose reputation and popularity among their fans is probably their single most valuable asset. You might not like it, but you still don't get to pretend they didn't also do a more effective job with their initial descriptions of features and their pitch video. The fact that its initial pitch video demonstrated working multiplayer, hostile mobs, and a few other features besides running and jumping in all their pre alpha .1 goofiness probably didn't hurt. The whole mod-tools and world-building feature set for creating and running custom worlds and quests might have helped a bit too.

I wish these guys the best too and I like the style a little bit more and some of the things they allude to maybe doing sound very promising. The problem isn't he state of the game per-say, rather the kickstarter page itself feels like it was put up in a hurry and I find it hard to believe they really thought through doing that trailer like that. The trailer is pretty awkward compared to the more personal appeals made by a game creator talking directly to the camera - though it does seem that the fatter and funnier the guy in the chair the better that goes. I think some of the weirdness in how the test reads might be caused by cut/paste from a word document; some sentences that appear to be meant as section headers appear as first sentences to individual paragraphs. This makes thoss paragraphs sound like they start with an overly broad claim and then contain some half related examples. It think that's why, the first time I read it, it sounded like they were equating "RPG" to "customizing your appearene." It looks like half that section - the part dealing with RPG elements beyond clothing and such - is seperated by an oddly placed heading line and a screenshot.
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