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May 3rd, 2012, 21:27
There is definetly not enough glory in the game to bring everything to 10.
Right now I'm 38 hours in the game and only two things are left to do. Treasure Isle and Temple of Mara or whatever it's called. I've collected all legendary items except Steelbeard's almanach (dunno what does that one do) and currently I have 905 spare glory and these stats:
blades - 8
guns - 2
toughness - 10
cunning - 9
voodoo - 6

I've seen some respawned mobs on islands so it's possible I can get voodoo higher but I really don't see the point of it as because of swords I haven't needed anything from voodoo but potion making for perma-potions that give you +2 permanent to three skills - for example I got +16 from permanent potions for pistols, shotguns and muskets.
As previously noted by maylander, there is no need to improve cunning above 7 (8 if you already have the legendary +1 cunning item) but I didn't know that in my first run so it's 9 on me which is a massive waste of glory.

If we talk about money, then there are some more things to note. As you can see I went with blades but wasted (too much) money on piercing weapons. And in fact most of the game I actually use slashing weapons.
Also what you're not aware of when you start the game is that soon you'll get a ranged weapon - spear, that is equipable and useable. After that I got the knife that's equipable and useable, those are two weapons needed to nail Mara and not bad at all. So in fact maybe it could have been wise if I've improved throwing weapons instead those piercing ones!
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