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May 4th, 2012, 01:55
^ Thank you. A lot of that should probably go into your next update if you can fit it in, specifically-

So far we've spent upwards of six figures of our own funds towards our game development; that's not including the thousands of hours of programming work over the past few years.
Given how much is needed to complete this project, it is perhaps reassuring to know that it is not in any way out of proportion with the invest you yourselves have already made in the project in addition to the time spent.

Having learned those lessons we're doing things different with Realm Explorer.
Good for you to address that. When someone does a cursory look into your studio, they quickly see your previous project and that it hasn't been released. It takes quite a bit more reading for people to find all the details about why it happened and how Torq 3d and much of the middleware market has kind of given up over the last few years. I came across those details - Torq 3d folding up while you were working on your MMO - purely by chance because I found the old tech demo you made for Gnostaria and thought it looked rather good. It's especially not hard to find that, but a lot of people aren't going to see past "wait, they didn't finish their last game."

What I really appreciate and felt was missing from the original post is that you provide a far better idea of exactly where you are, what is currently being worked on, and the things you plan on working in the near term. That gives a much clear sense of how things are progressing and being prioritized. It makes the final planned feature list feel like something that fits into a realizable development road-map just to hear the direction things are going in right now.

A proper trailer like Minecraft?
I know you mean that sarcastically, but yes. Something along those lines would have been more propper. The trailer you put up would have made a pretty decent traditional sort of game trailer if you were to have made it maybe in the beta or as a launch trailer. That's just because that form of promo video leans almost entirely on the strength of its visuals - not because it would have been propper to wait till then to do a kickstarter.

I linked to that physics demo the other day in this thread and said I would have rather seen that followed by you explaining pretty much most of what you've said here today - maybe interspersing other gameplay footage. I wasn't being sarcastic. We understand that a lot of these projects are in pre-alpha or still in high level design stage; pitch videos in these early phases have to lean on the strength of what is said in them when the visuals aren't ready to speak on their own. Maybe the pitch video where the creator sits down and spends most of the time talking about their product, the status of their project, why they've come to kickstar, and why now has become a bit cliche. That's the stuff people need to hear right up front though.

Anyways, good luck - it sounds like an interesting mordern sort of take on a what makes me think of an opern-world sandbox rogeulike.
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