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May 4th, 2012, 03:38
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i swore i just read something that it was only going to take place in cyrodill which means the scale is going to be way different than prior games if this is true. also if that's the case then you can bank on them having nearly a half a dozen expansion packs to release over the years.

i release they're seperate teams but i wonder if after the skyrim dlc if it will probably be 6 years until the next elder scrolls and probably by that time they will have explored everywhere in the MMO so that begs the question of what will happen then…
Akavir. Wow got its mysterious far away continent and it came with vicious… pandas. When ESO or maybe ES is running out of places to go, it'll be Akavir and it will come with cute cuddly… man eating snake men.
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