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May 4th, 2012, 04:20
I'm not meaning to rage against MMOs, but it will likely mean the end of my interest in the ES: series.

I enjoy RPGs for a variety of reasons, but all of these facets must exist for the product to be compelling to me. One of these necessary pieces are a world/universe/story that is true, at least in spirit, to itself. MMOs by there very nature destroy this element. The need to provide a huge amount content from diverse teams ensures that a ridiculous amount of incompatible lore.

I have heard some suggest using a "warp in the west" mechanic. Used sparsely and elegantly, like Bethesda has in the past, this mechanic adds a wonderfully mind bending discourse on the nature of reality. Used as a coverall solution to the necessary mess of a MMO, it becomes the blunt instrument of retconning for profit.

Computer games are toys, not art. But they have the are of alternate possibilities that allows them to pose important questions. For me personally when that art is absent, there is a hollowness that I can't find worthwhile, no matter how compelling the mechanic.
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