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May 4th, 2012, 16:14
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Right after the launch of Skyrim I read of some people finding that Morrowind and Cyrodil were accessible via a no clip method, though they weren't fully fleshed out. I thought at that time that maybe they were planning a MMORPG and had already started creating the seamless world beyond Skyrim's borders.
Those ares are just for visual effect ant not scaled the same as skyrim (they're much smaller - for example cyrodil is about 1/2 size. They're also not navemeshed and not quite all the landmass of tamriel is mapped out even. Also the MMO will use the hero engine and had started development with its own 250 person team in a sepearte studio in 2007 was in early work on skyrim with their own team. I don't see how the oddly scale and rough landmass would be of any help considering they use different engines and I imagine the MMO people aren't going to go with a blocking incomplete map with skyrim about out of scale with the rest of the provicences by 2-5 times.
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