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May 4th, 2012, 17:12
Doubleposting, yea, I know, but since Ive given the game some more thought after I've finished it… A few more words.

It's still 8.5/10 for me and I'll try to explain why it ain't 10/10. I won't write OMG this part was so amazing and stuff, once you'll play the game you'll see that with just a few adjustments Risen2 had a potential to be this year's GOTY. There are so many things to try here, so many options, even wits tests (for example the boss frog you solve easily when you realize he eats everything on Isle of thieves) and on the other hand hard to believe just a few non-performance/quest bugs of which none is gamestopper. Instead, this year's GOTY title will probably go to MassTurd3 endings which is really a shame.

QTE traps scheme is the biggest annoyance I've added to a reason for giving 8.5/10 to the game. While new picking locks system is IMO great because no breaking lockpicks nor arcade minigame means less reloading, I really dislike rediculously low time interval to react traps (not just jungle ones but also those ones in temples). Final QTE in the fight against the first boss is also not bad at all, even if you miss to trigger it first time, you still don't have to reload the game.

Another annoyance already mentioned and easy to someone but not me is shooting minigame. As previously said, it's not a big problem to successfuly hit 7/10 on normal (medium) game difficulty. But although I've tried, I never managed to grab 10/10. You'll say so what? See, I don't like to have a "fake quest"/"steam achievement" unsolved. You'll also say, so what, another reason to replay the game and that's good… Sorry but a reason to replay the whole game shouldn't be just a minigame that really doesn't add to the story or something. You may also say, joxer you imbecille, just turn the difficulty on easy while doing that minigame… And you'll be right in that case - I was just stubborn to do it in my first run through the game expecting in time maybe I discover something that affects this minigame just like lockpicking, but I was wrong.

While we can all agree that muskets are OP (I've recruited Venturo and cleared aligators with him although went later with voodoo path so I've seen it), who says voodoo isn't OP? If you did play voodoo path and used curse dolls you could finish the hardest enemies in just a few hits. Groups of hard enemies like those 3 gorillas or a pair of aligators on Tresure island? Baah, equip Sceptre of power and they're history.
The only problem in this game is early melee, swords do low damage. But even if you improve swords (as I did), you didn't lose anything as while on voodoo path you can get 45-100 damage sword on Sword Coast before you steal the ship. There is IIRC only one better (slashing) sword (sabre in fact) to get later in the game, and you want to say Inquisition is better choice? Easier maybe, but better… Can't agree, sorry.
Why am I writing this then? You won't believe what I'll just write. Once you make a choice, you get only one crew member of two possible ones. Yea, Chani is really great, she heals you during the fight, but c'mon, I took voodoo path which means I need a damage dealer and not a healer! While everyone will say it's a design choice, it wouldn't feel right in the story, and etc, I find this issue very annoying.

Another annoyance is attribute system. Okay, you can't get everything on 10, and that's not the problematic part. The problematic part is that not all attributes are equally important. So investing in cunning over 7 is utterly useless, in fact (if you'll keep the earring) it's useless over 6.
On the other hand, getting toughness on 10 (9 in fact since you'll find a legendary item for +1) as soon as possible then training healing is awsome not just for fights but is moneysaving thing, you will not need provisions any more so you can just sell them.

It's not the end. While clothes DLC is IMO a rip off and not needed by anyone, Treasure Island is really fun although short. But what's annoying in that area then? The annoying is the legendary item you get as a reward. It's utterly useless if you get it just before the end (as I did). That's the item you should get as soon as possible in fact, not when you're just about to reach the final destination.
It's not everything I've had in mind but those are things I really disliked. The game is really so much fun and tries not to repeat itself anywhere, so an annoyance here or there is really easy to forgive. But once you finish the game, once you decide to replay it with the second faction, you start to remember those things and you can't just say "10/10, best game I've ever played, not GOTY but DOTY (decade)", or something.

Oh and… Okay, it's a pirate game so yucky romances feel unwanted here, but where the hell did brothels disappear? Some players wouldn't like to see them? That's what's RPG for, you don't want to visit sluts, your choice. Just give me an ability to make such choice!

But I'll disagree with anyone who says Risen 1 was better. It was not. Risen 2 went into a good direction. If PB continues with a good job like they did here, there is no way Risen 3 won't be GOTY. Will there be Risen 3? Of course it will. In two Risens we nailed just 2 of 5 "titans". Honestly, can't wait to see the next one.
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