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May 4th, 2012, 21:35
Like I wrote yesterday, I've completed the game twice now. The first character chose Inquisition and muskets, the 2nd chose natives and voodoo + melee. All in all, I have to say that the choice is really significant. There are quite a few quests that can be solved in different ways, which gives the game fairly high replay value.

Ending stats:
- Blades: 10
- Firearms: 2
- Toughness: 4
- Cunning: 8
- Voodoo: 10

As far as muskets vs voodoo goes, I'd say they're about equal, but depend primarily on playing style. Voodoo has a lot more utility than muskets - easy ways of making money (as explained above), easy ways of solving certain quests using voodoo dolls, a summonable ghost that can help you during certain solo sections, a mind control spell that can solve certain tricky fights in a rather smooth way and a bunch of potions that can boost your skills whenever you need it. Muskets on the other hand has.. well, crazy damage output and an overpowered companion.

The biggest issue of using voodoo is that a lot of nifty stuff is only useful/available late in the game, while muskets are very useful right away. Also, you can get the best musket in the game about halfway through the it without too much trouble if you know how to get it.

In fact, voodoo is balanced similar to how magic is always balanced in PB games - starts out slow, but gains power towards the end of the game.

Anyway, I still find Risen 2 highly enjoyable, and will play through it a third time before putting it away for now. I'll max out endurance this time and focus on intimidation more than persuasion (silver tongue). Should be interesting, though it might be somewhat easy now that I know where to find all legendary items and so on.

Edit: Oh, I spent almost 34 hours on the voodoo character, which is significantly longer than the musket one, despite knowing most locations and quests. Muskets are just that much faster, especially early on.
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