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May 5th, 2012, 03:27
Originally Posted by hwfanatic View Post
If you find out what "hold RMB to check target" does, please do share.
Yeah no clue… I figured out how to enable the console command(type "pommes" w/o quotes while the game is initially firing up*must type it fast* and press ~ to bring up the console once in game). I typed in "teach PerkCunningMonkeyTrainer 1" which did in fact re-enable the skill, however that didn't allow me to do anything special.

Call it wishful thinking but I thought it would be awesome if the monkey would fleece people blind while the PC distracted them with inane claptrap. TBH, I had hoped there would be a way to steal the legendary items from certain NPCs instead of forking over 2k gold(EG hand mirror booze sells).
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