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May 5th, 2012, 05:01
I understand what you are trying to do with building the ultimate pc now. I would never spend 5k on a pc though. In a year you'll be able to get a better pc for 1/2 the price or better.

So unless you just have to spend it all now. I would suggest get something in the 2-2.5k range, which will still run everything now easily and stash the rest for later upgrades to keep your system fresh. Nvidia does still have gk110 up their sleeves.

Anyway if you must get it that will be a killer system. I would suggest the i3820 though, will save you about $700 and give 80-90% performance. Also intel ssd's are pricey, I've had good experience with the crucial m4's.

Only other thing I would suggest is to go with the corsair 1200w psu. Not sure what a digital storm certified psu is but I never skimp on the psu.

I have the corsair psu and have no problems running my i7, gtx 480 sli, 4ssd's, 2 hd, water pump, 6 fans, 8gb mem, x-fi titanium with everything oc'ed.
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