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May 5th, 2012, 06:12
I'll always recommend DIY… But I can understand why some people might want a prebuilt.

That said, sticking with the link you posted, I would change the following components:

CPU: 3960X -> 3930K *subtract $539*. Basically the same chip except the 3960x is a higher binned chip, has a slightly higher stock clock and a little more cache(15 vs 12 mb). Long story short both chips are unlocked and the extra cache has a negligible effect on performance. Thus clock 3930k to same speed as 3960x and witness nearly identical performance for half the cost…

Ram: You could go with a cheaper 16gb solution… The digital storm branded A-data 2000mhz kit would give you roughly the same performance yet save you $175 to spend elsewhere. Ultimately memory is the one department you can safely skimp, as it has a minimal impact on performance… Also they hand test each dimm, if true that eliminates half the hassle(IE getting a bum stick).

PSU: 1000W digital storm -> Corsair 1200HX *add $128*. The corsair is a great unit, the OEM is flextronics, it has a 7 year warranty and it's gold which means up to 90% efficiency at 50% load. The digital storm is a big unknown, who is it's oem and what kind of warranty does it have? Also, it is only 80+ bronze which means 82% efficiency at 50% load.

Storage: I'd get 2x SSD's of your choosing in RAID0, either 120s or 180s… Next I'd get a 1 TB HDD for general storage/backup.

GPU: Depends on the display, if you're not going crazy with multiple monitors I'd suggest a single GPU solution(either 680 or 7970).

Optical: Bluray burner(why not have the capability?)

Monitor: no monitor.

Ok so if you change to the following:

CPU: 3930K
Ram: digital storm*aka adata* 2000mhz
PSU: Corsair AX1200
Storage: 2x Intel 120gb 520 SSDs + 1Tb WD caviar Black
Optical drive: Blu ray burner
Monitor: None

The grand total is $4106. Which leaves you more than $1100(compared to your original build) to buy a 27" 1440P or 30" 1600P or two really good 24" IPS panels from dell or elsewhere.
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