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Default Running Gamers Gate version but have no in-game NPC speech

May 5th, 2012, 08:13
Just downloaded the Gamers Gate version.

Followed the advice on these forums (http://www.rpgwatch.com/forums/showt…t=14666&page=2) and did the following:

*Install main game
*Apply Official Patch 1.01 (in this case, Xenus2patch1.1.diskless at 79.6MB)
*Apply Unofficial Patch 1.5
-removed sndlist.dat in both Xenus 2 and Xenus 2>White Gold folders because game wouldn't load and gave this message, which I found the solution to on these forums:

STOP "Sound file 'Sounds\Weapons\Player\M16_reload.wav' is not listed in cache\sndlist/dat"

So, all that out of the way- there are no voices in the game, except for in cut scenes (they are in English). There are sound effects, but when NPCs speak, I see the subtitles but hear nothing.

Can someone provide a link to the files I need to get this working?

Also, is it correct to have a White Gold folder within the Xenus 2 main folder. I think it appeared after I ran the setup.exe. in the Xenus2patch1.1diskless.rar

Many thanks.
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