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May 5th, 2012, 16:30
You don't need voices - just turn subtitles on and that's it. I've checked the official Risen2 forum - all 3 DLC are fully functional inside every game version and you can enable all 3 by cheats, the only part missing are voices.

I never planned to buy the clothes DLC (nor ever will for any game), but I really wanted Temple of Air which isn't available on Steam yet, and now I find out that it's already in the game just without voices. What kind of crap decision was that?
Seriously I thought DLC fraud can't go lower than EA's, and I believe this wasn't PB's decision but Deep Silver's. But I still can't believe PB agreed to do this to fans. If there was no way to avoid the charade how DLC weren't a part of the game, then at least remove most of the files like EA did with ME3, then you can arrogantly tell customers to shove off because they have no real proof.

I will not cheat my game to unlock Temple of Air DLC and then play it. But also I will not buy that DLC nor any other that maybe comes for Risen 2.
I'm aware noone from PB and DS will read this and even if they did, they obviously don't care otherwise they wouldn't do this in the first place. But PB was one of my favorite game developers, I was numbering days till Risen 2 was out, couldn't wait for it. And now I can't even describe how disappointed I am.
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