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May 5th, 2012, 22:34
Short version:
Game seems tight, difficulty carefully dosed, tactical options are there (various attacks, abilities, cover etc). But: Let me assure you, you will hate the interface.

Long version:
I bought the game, spent a few hours with it and am filled with disappointment. It's not because of the game itself - seems fine, as expected, it's because horrendous user interface.

Game is controlled by a mouse, pretending it has single button, responding to the click and long-clicks only (wtf is long-click, you may wonder); ignoring the keyboard entirely (even the ESC key).

Forget about anything happening when you move or point your mouse anywhere - no popup info, no map moving by touching the edges of the screen with mouse or key-pressing (map moving is especially painful as it's done by tiny little careful drags of the map - do something less gentle and entire map scrolls away in a blink of an eye, leaving you staring on the black screen).

There are almost no settings at all - language, resolution, sound.
Resolution setting is partially ignored, as game lets you pick your resolution, but then uses something smaller, not covering the whole screen.
This takes the "bad port" meaning to the next level.

I keep reminding myself of games in emulators I was able to enjoy very much in the end - but I really shouldn't be forced to do this playing "PC release" of the game. Does the Intel AppUp have no standards quality-wise? If there ever were any standards about user interface on PC, this product seems to ignore them all.

Intel AppUp itself seems to be pretty painless with two exceptions.
- Support of single payment option (Visa/MasterCard).
- Keeps running in the background even when you close it, without notifying about this at all. (Eats about 5-35 MB RAM, no CPU time, no bandwidth).
When you kill the process, games fail to authenticate (even the free ones).

I'm not writing much more till I play some more and calm down

I didn't get a refund, since I know I will like the game, once I learn to control it without too much pain (But I almost got it when I found out that the apple version is half the cost).
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