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May 6th, 2012, 21:51
I think there are two legitimate sides to these issues and everyone is seeking the perfect balance.

For instance, it is nice having skill choices that matter, but it is not nice having to search walkthroughs and faqs to find out which skills are useless and underpowered. Trial and error is fun in some cases, but not if it sucks up a dozen hours of your life to find the error. Talking to every denizen in the virtual world has some neat sleuthy elements, but some find that a time-sucking chore.

Every hard-core rpg design choice comes with an irritation, because they make the player work harder. But the player is here to play, so the work better be fun. Not many designers are good at making fun work, so I can see the wisdom in taking a liberal approach to making things easy on the player.
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