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May 7th, 2012, 00:35
Think he was referring to how every recent game by a larger studio drags you around by the nose and walks you through every quest step by step.
Or how every "puzzle" is rarly more challenging then matching basic patterns together.
The only games that do not come with handholding are usually linear corridors where it is impossible to get lost and even then you are often given a compass marker to your next objective.
Of course i could be reading his comment wrong.
I think the real problem is that gaming studios are not wrong in assuming a large number of their target audience are either very young or full fledged retards.
(after all who else would buy overpriced and inferior proprietary hardware when better options exist )
Could also be why the whole work/risk vs reward thing seems to have gone the way of the dodo and instant gratification is now what sells.

As for giant glowing question marks over quest npcs i have no problems with the tried and true middleground of only naming quest npcs while everyone else gets a generic description.
Ofc i can also see how many would find that immersion breaking aswell. Still beats floating click me markers in anycase.
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