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May 7th, 2012, 02:59
When I read that I immediately thought of how a lot of games handle "big reveals" - particularly those involving you being betrayed by an NPC. Far too often it will both be obvious that they are up to something yet futile to realize it; most (not all) games don't even allow for the possibility of you figuring something out even if just to hang a lantern on it.

It does seem like a lot of games (even well received ones) could do a far better job of either making these things less painfully obvious or, preferably, give you the opportunity to act on your suspicions. I mean heck maybe sometimes it would end up being more advantageous for a character to be willing to display trust and play the victim later and there could be consequences for acting on your suspicions even if you are correct. But quite often you end up having to play a character who doesn't seem to notice the trap they're walking into despite the giant billboards with milemarkers advertising that it's up ahead.
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