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May 7th, 2012, 19:31
Originally Posted by GhanBuriGhan View Post
Well I would assume failure of the fan should be covered by any warranty, even though I don't know what "partly only" means. I assume you will have to send it in yourself though, or bring it to a local service station.
Ah, I made a typo, it's a "Parts Only" warranty, which apparently means they'd replace the individual parts, but not the whole laptop, so, good enough! I think I'll opt for this variant, I'll have to call them tomorrow and find out more.. my biggest concern is that it would take a lot of time, and exams are starting, but I guess I have to do it.

Alternatively, if you feel brave, you could try to replace it yourself. Most fans should be available from dedicated providers or ebay. I While taking a laptop apart is rather complicated, if you can find a good tutorial for your model, it is actually quite an interesting experience. I did that recently to try to fix mine (however the GPU chip was fried and that was soldered to the base, so I couldn't really fix my problem) - so you could try that at least before you just toss it on the garbage. Of course opening the case will most likely void the warranty, so I'd go through that first!
I'm not sure I can find the right van - certainly not locally, and most of the fans I saw on eBay are for the model with the integrated graphics card. I'm sure it's possible, but again, it'd take at least ~10 days to get the fans all the way over here. I did already open the case (but just a little! ) -- hopefully, they won't notice.

Thanks for the offer crpgnut, but unfortunately it seems there's a small ocean between us.

Originally Posted by GothicGothicness View Post
Well, as an option there are still places who fix PC's at a fairly decent price.
I don't know what you consider a decent price, but everything I've found here is quite expensive: ~20 euros to pick it up (and you can't just bring it to them) and then 25-35 euros per hour of technician's work… plus whatever the actual repair would be, which is all way way over my budget. Might as well buy a new laptop. For comparison, the fan itself is 10-25 dollars on eBay. So yeah… not a good choice.
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