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May 8th, 2012, 05:46
Originally Posted by Saber-Scorpion View Post
Brian Fargo is talking about things like the "compass" in the Elder Scrolls games that points you right where you need go.

For example:

In Oblivion, I once found a treasure map. I immediately thought "What a great idea for a game like this, all about exploration! It'll be fun trying to find the landmarks drawn on the map in order to pinpoint the location of the treasure!" But lo and behold, the map had already added a quest to my journal that put a green marker on my compass directing me to exactly where the treasure was located. The map I had found was rendered totally worthless, and the fun of a treasure hunt was avoided.

Every quest in the game is like this. Compass markers point you straight to clues you need to find to solve a mystery, straight to NPCs you need to talk to in order to get exactly the information you need. You just spend your time mindlessly hiking from marker to marker instead of actually exploring and trying to figure things out on your own. It gets pretty boring.
See, I happen to be on the game's side here. I do agree with you on tha map part, that should not have had a quest marker (I didn't even know there was one, I found it using the treasure map), but I definitely want the game to tell me where the NPC is for quests. Like I always say, it is my character who's in the game world. He can ask people around, go to the tavern, maybe he/she knows the town already. I have the worse memory, so I don't remember where any NPC is. Without quest markers I would have to basically either write names down in a paper, or explore the town every time I get a new quest.
A tradeoff would be for the automap to add names/locations/markers after you've talked to the NPC the first time.
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