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May 8th, 2012, 06:42
Originally Posted by wolfing View Post
See, I happen to be on the game's side here. I do agree with you on tha map part, that should not have had a quest marker (I didn't even know there was one, I found it using the treasure map), but I definitely want the game to tell me where the NPC is for quests. Like I always say, it is my character who's in the game world. He can ask people around, go to the tavern, maybe he/she knows the town already. I have the worse memory, so I don't remember where any NPC is. Without quest markers I would have to basically either write names down in a paper, or explore the town every time I get a new quest.
A tradeoff would be for the automap to add names/locations/markers after you've talked to the NPC the first time.
Well, I admit it's a bit more necessary in Oblivion, thanks to the way NPC's wander around on their daily schedules. That can make it a lot more difficult to find them. I remember one time even the compass marker was of no use to me… It turned out that the NPC for whom I was searching had wandered off a bridge to his death, poor fellow. Broke the quest too…

I'm not against any and all map/compass markers, but I think they should be eschewed in certain situations, like the treasure map scenario. Thankfully Skyrim is slightly better about this than its predecessor.
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