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May 9th, 2012, 08:47
Originally Posted by Alistair View Post
One thing I've now seen is that NPCs are spawning in range of each other now, and are often fighting by the time I get there, e.g. at Gotha, or near Montera. Not sure if that's just an ini tweak too far or some modder intended it.
Its the Entity.ROI value in the ini, that is doubled from its default 4000

; ==================================
; ==================================
; ROI sphere is used to process all dynamic entities within range.
;Entity.ROI - 0.01=min, FarClippingPlane=max, 4000.0=default
;Automatically clamped to FarClippingPlane if bigger
So not only are the NPCs/monsters spawned at double the distance, but their AI is processed as well…

Other than that I do not believe spawn points have changed. BTW Sometimes you will find one of the rebel camps outside Montera engaged with an Orc Patrol (coming all the way from Faring I believe) but that is something that could happen in the vanilla game too. The doubled roi value makes it more probable I imagine….

If I only could do one tweak, it would be this and pushing vegetation a bit beyond that threshold (9500 would do it iirc) so it appears more natural (and indeed have done so at my last replay). It can be sort of a mixed blessing though sometimes, as you noted…
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