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May 9th, 2012, 13:30
Not a major bug but more of a design omission. Some players cleaned all areas (including respawns) BEFORE getting the skinning knife and now can't solve Sebastiano's daughter quest - as no merchant sells jaguar skin (the same thing could happen with the feather from firebirds especially when you don't side with natives and must get the ritual knife from Garcia's room in Caldera, but you CAN buy feathers). I'm aware that not getting at least one skinning knife before killing all respawns seems impossible (you can get two such knives from Sebastiano's daughter with cunning skills high enough), but the issue was reported twice on gamespot forum so I can only assume those players invested glory into everything else except cunning (such a great site to exchange RPG experience, hehe).

The only solution to this problem so far is to use the console to get the skin needed or spawn a jaguar and then kill it.

And I won't add this into the buglist as… Cmon really, the player doesn't invest in cunning skills but into everything else then kills all respawns but leaves chests unopened and after killing everything now wants to solve all remaining quests?

A side note - I can't confirm 100% that you can't buy the skin anywhere as I haven't checked every single trader. But since I'm replaying the game I'm keeping an eye on this.
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