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May 9th, 2012, 14:42

Okay, another one I was unable to reproduce.
I'm replaying the game but sided with Inqusition this time and the first thing I'm doing after stealing the ship is of course The Teasure Island because of the legendary item bonus. Venturo is OP but I don't care for that now as I need that firepower against the group of three gorillas (no sceptre of power this time). Where's the bug?
I went to M. Bay to get Harlok, and prior to Harlok's location there is a spot with two panthers. Those two panthers… KILLED Venturo. Yes, he's dead. No, I can't loot his (the best damage in the game) musket. Oh and.. He's beheaded!
You survive and your sidekick dies - that shouldn't be possible in this game. A beast practically chopped your party member's head off.

I've reloaded and replayed the fight a few times to pinpoint the reason of this, but whatever I've tried, I just couldn't make Venturo dead again.
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