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May 9th, 2012, 16:53
As always, your update is much appreciated, Styg. Thanks! Good to see the game progressing at a steady pace and it's shaping up very well.

Originally Posted by Styg View Post
The actual steath/detection levels still need tweaking for both RT and TB mode, though. Currently, you can unreasonably hard to detect with enough points in stealth even at very close distances and that's not the idea. I'll be fixing this at some point soon.
Good. It always strikes me as goofy game design, when you can have a character stay hidden in plain view of a foe (like it was in Alpha Protocol, for example, IIRC). No matter what their skill in Stealth is, someone in clear LOS and at very short range of a foe should be detected, unless they have somekind of invisibility field gizmo or something.

Originally Posted by Styg View Post
I also fixed other various problems with TB combat, so I can say that it is now pretty much fully functional with all the features that were present in the RT mode.
I've lauded you for the change to turn-based combat before and I'll do it once more for good measure - a most excellent decision that! Great that the TB aspect is now fully integrated.

Originally Posted by Styg
(From the post before the last) I've removed the Wisdom stat. It served no purpose anymore except for forcing the psi-based character to split stat points between it and Will. All psionic skills will now use Will stat instead, just as all science skills use Intelligence; and Persuasion skill will now use Intelligence.
It's always good to trim the useless excess. Useless stats (or skills) are a big annoyance of mine in CRPGs, so this is good news. However, be careful not to trim too much, like dropping stats altogether or something. I don't really think you would go that far, but just saying. The current trend, and one reason for the decline, in most recent CRPGs is oversimplifying, so I'm hoping you do not fall into that trap. CRPGs need "crunchy" stats! Be that for characters or gear, attributes/stats are good. They're one of the foundations of RPGs, afterall. Ooh, I likes them stats!

Keep up the good work!
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