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May 10th, 2012, 15:10
Well I finally got around to trying 1.75 this morning.

First I did a fresh install and played a little while with version 1.12 just to see how different the game would seem after the final patch.

I had low expectations regarding performance since none of the past updates ever really made a difference for me. I'm happy to say that this one finally makes a tangible difference. There's almost no stuttering whatsoever now.

It's definitely a lot more challenging than what I remember (since v1.6). With Alternative Balancing and medium difficulty, the starting village was a pain to liberate. Combat is more fun overall, and there's finally a sense of "oomph" when your sword hits an enemy. I still wouldn't consider melee one of the game's strong points though.

I don't like how you seem to lock on to certain enemies in combat now. Is there a way to disable that? Sometimes I'd find myself turning away from an attacking Orc to face one that was slightly further away. I don't remember ever having that problem before.

Textures are sharper, and it's nice that I don't have to force AA with a 3rd party program anymore. I'm disappointed with the LOD view distance though, and I guess I'll have to try that modified ini file. Considering how old G3 is, I expected the "very high" setting to push the quality textures out a lot further than it does.

Does the difficulty level affect things like attack/defense values and enemy HP, or does it only dictate how many enemies can attack you simultaneously?
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