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May 10th, 2012, 21:41
^ Yeah, the GTX 670 is looking really good… One would expect non-reference designs in the upcoming months that take advantage of the short PCB. Which would be great for a media center and SFF gaming mATX/mITX PCs.

The actual PCB length on this video card is under 7 inches.


Rumor has it that what we know as the 680 and 670 gtx were actually intended to be upper mid-range cards… The codenames(and aforementioned PCB length + die size) kind of gives that away if you look at previous naming conventions:

GF104 -> 460
GF114 -> 460 v2, 560, 560 ti

GF100 -> 470, 480 (and a 465 with 4 SM cores disable/cut)
GF110 -> 570, 580, 590 (and a "448 core" 560 has 2 SM cores disabled/cut)

Fast forward from GeForce 400 + 500 to the 600 series:

GK104 -> 670, 680, 690
GK110 -> ???

Long story short, I believe Nvidia has wrangled in big fat margins on GK104 and likely has a ton of pricing flexibility(especially on the 670). Once production and capacity pick up we should hopefully find ourselves in a consumer friendly price war(assuming NV + AMD don't engage in collusion/price fixing of some sort).


They are currently available on Newegg ranging between $399.99 to $439.99.
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