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May 11th, 2012, 08:30
Originally Posted by Kostaz View Post
I've had memory gurus* around the half hour mark back when I tried the PCGH .ini with 1.74 (with 4GB or RAM). Could the game actually use over 4 since it's not 64bit?
Nope, But it doesn't have to go even close to 4GB to starve a 4GB RAM System of memory. To be specific, running around between the triangle of Silden, Geldern Trellis and environs seems to top out the memory the Gothic3*32 process gets at 2,8-2,9 GB(*) and my idle allocated memory for my system (not reserved) is around 1.2GB … Furthermore there may be some allocation spikes during stressful periods (streaming data, loading/saving) that I didn't get around to monitoring. This should put the game at these settings beyond 4GB systems.

(* same with the somewhat reduced ini)

Originally Posted by Kostaz View Post
*Of course those could be related to VRAM as my 5850 has only 1GB.
VRam should not cause out of memory errors. What it does though is force constant swapping of textures between system Ram killing performance in cases of using insane quality (and lots of them) textures or very high Quality (AA) settings resulting in high framebuffer demands. I believe 1GB is enough for G3(*). Try heavily texture modding Skyrim though in conjunction with a high UGrid value and AA

(* Then again all them nice textures may have a pretty big part in the fps drop seen in the extreme settings on our cards. So 2GB may certainly do the trick there too)

Originally Posted by Alistair View Post
I have the game on a Vertex 3 SSD, which might help, but it doesn't eliminate the odd hitch when using pushed out ini settings.
Oh I don't expect it to become super smooth. But the reduced ini already (strangely) improved stuttering to almost vanila 1.75 levels on the raid0. I am expecting at least 1.75 performance with that ini on the 830 and if the extreme one is noticeably worse I'll probably not use it.

The original one is just a bit overkill in comparison, for the sake of it, for most of the game anyway.With the second one, you notice the Lod transitions in the most extreme cases (may need some further fiddling). i.e. Above Ardea when you move towards the mountains or looking across the Sea to Varant etc. Not very productive to sacrifice performance for something you will probably not notice that much, If the game is not acceptably smooth with it…
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