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May 11th, 2012, 09:04

They've started a kickstarter for a tech demo and already surpassed their goal; basically the minimum funding goal appeared to be what they were looking at to secure middleware and development software for their team. Besides funding the project beyond the initial tech demo, additional funding will also probably go a long way in demonstrating interest in their concept. It sounds like a more involved and PnP-like MMO experience but some of it is pretty vague - which is acceptable for asking to help fund a tech demo.

They're being pretty up-front about the limited scope of the initial Kickstarter goal which is good because their team members have varying types of PnP or MMO product experience with one being versed in MMO marketting, one having graphic design and extensive PnP sales/marketting managment and executive experience, one having rather impressive PnP RPG design credentials and only one having notable video game design experience. They do have established reputations that are probably worth many times more to them than the funding goals of this projects - so I consider them very safe to take at their word. I would suggest actually doing that though with regard to the kickstarter campaign. They say they're looking to create a tech demo and demonstrate interest in the project - that's a part of MMO development and pitching that can be reasonably funded by kickstarter and they've actually just surpassed the minimum they had asked for.

They aren't claiming that this kickstarter is meant to, will, or even can be expected to fund the project outright. That shows that they aren't naive; but backers will hopefully understand that giving a hundred bucks and being part of the community getting them to 1.8 million dollars wouldn't mean you get a Pathfinder MMO in a year without them still having to secure a partnership with a publisher. Even DoubleFine Adventure level funding would only cover world building and a maybe a large chunk of development but it would not secure long term support or bankroll the large upfront staffing requirements they'd need. So keep in mind that these are folks who you can trust to mean what they say but that you should be sure you're listening to what they're actually saying.

Edit: Speak of the devil, they posted this to their kickstarter comments emphasizing the scope of the project just in case anyone did have the wrong idea. I do appreciate them being candid:

Thanks for understanding. I hope I don't sound harsh, but we're of the opinion that we need to strike a strong line here; we don't want less careful readers thinking they're getting something they're not—or supporting something they're not. This is not the Pathfinder Online Kickstarter, it's the Pathfinder Online Technology Demo Kickstarter, and the clearer we make that, the less we will disappoint people.

We realize—and tremendously appreciate—that some people want to support the full game, and *only* the full game, and we *really* want that to happen… but this is not the time for that.
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