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Default Damaged PC after thunderstorm

May 11th, 2012, 12:16
During the thunderstorm yesterday my PC got damaged. When I returned the PC was off and refused to start. There is no visual damage. Nothing burned through, etc.

It's a Phenom 2 X 4 in an Asus mainboard.

The only life signs:
The power on light on the bottom right corner of the m/b is on. When I turn the power switch on the PSU on, the CPU O/C light goes on for a split second and then goes out. Both is correct behaviour.

The PC doesn't start. Black screen, no fan activity at all.

The monitors seem to be okay, as well as the external HDDs.

We have a very similar PC in our house. So I can pull stuff out and put it in there and vice versa.

Any recommendations what I should test and in which order to find out what is damaged?
Can I assume the PSU is okay, if it passed juice through to the mainboard? If it's not okay, can I damage components by connecting them? The PSU is a Coolermaster with ca. 500-600W.
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