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May 11th, 2012, 14:56
Originally Posted by Gorath View Post
I would be happy if it's only the PSU.
Was it the only machine to stop working and is it connected to a wireless or wired network? It's suprising how many wired networks have switches that aren't properly surge protected; I've seen one unprotected cisco switch fry half floor's PC's motherboards through their on-board NIC/ethernet port.

If other systems are working fine and the switch its connected to isn't out (or if it's on a wireless network) then there's a good chance it's just the PSU. If it fried the 12 v rail though it might have fried the motherboard too. Swapping out a PSU will pretty much tell you if its the motherboard or the PSU immediately; if it does the same thing after swapping it out than it's almost certainly the motherboard (based on the early point during start-up that it fails at.)

Originally Posted by Alrik Fassbauer View Post
In Germany someone tried to sue the electricity firms responsible for the current … He argued that their … electricity lines ? shouldn't have been able to overload or been overloaded at all, so that they should have built some kind of security for overflowing current (it's difficult for me to express in English words what I mean), so he wanted to get money back for the many desrtroyed computers in his firm. (A thunder has been hitting something so that the overflowing current coming from the thunder has been going through electricity lines somehow - overloading almost or all computers in a firm.)
He finally failed at the Bundesverfasungsgericht, if I remember it correctly.
Ok normally I wouldn't give someone a hard time for not having insurance, but for a business that IS what insurance is for.

Sadly on homeowner's insurance, while many policies cover damage from electrical surges you often won't get much past your deductible and if you do they'll probably drop you from your policy. That might not be relevent in Germany though; I have no idea how homeowner's insurance works but I imagine businesses with large ammounts of mission critical computer systems do consider insuring those systems as best practice.
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