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May 11th, 2012, 19:10
Hmm I didn't notice that but I was looking more at the bigger picture. Seemed Ok around Geldern and Silden. May need more fine tuning but I'll get around it after I get that 670…

the values determining when objects appear or not are:
ObjectDetails.fScreenObjectDistanceCulling_VeryHig h=0.000001 ;the smaller the better
ObjectDetails.fProcessingRangeFadeOutRange_VeryHig h=50.0 ;try this at 75
ObjectDetails.fRangedBaseLoDOffset_VeryHigh=20000. 0 ;the higher the better

You could also check these values on the "Ultra" ini and copy those over if they work better for you. You can also do that with all the values we discussed if you, say, get to Geldern and fps take a nosedive (although if you kept the roi to modest levels you should be ok there too)…

Gotta get started on the ole workout now cheers.

P.S And you are welcome
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