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May 11th, 2012, 22:49
Originally Posted by JDR13 View Post
I never realized I could be a mage and still get dual-wield.
You could be anything you want, if you put enough hours in the game (in addition to being a warrior and a mage, I also maxed out my bow skill - only useful at the beginning but becomes useless when you have re-generating mana and fireballs).

Also, you say you had to align with Beliar to get the Army of Darkness spell.. does that mean you could only get the Beliar ending?
As far as I remember, each god has their own 'ultimate' spell and if my memory serves me, it was Beliar that can give you the army of darkness (I could be wrong as it might be Innos). But yes, you only get the ending associated with god that gave you the army of darkness spell (as then you have eliminate everyone else!)

If you want to see all endings (Beliar, Innos or Xardas), just make a game save when you have all the artifacts after speaking to Xardas where he will want you choose, then go back to that save to explore all the three endings.

This game is amazing, I did the main quests in the game in the most ilogical way and yet the game dealt with all the possible situations naturally!
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