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May 12th, 2012, 13:20
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And then we have Skyrim ;-)
Skyrim to me is something completely different. It's freedom is in the same time it's boon and it's flaw. The appeal of LoG and it's predecessors is to me capsulated in it's logic structure. In it's rigid boxed-in formula there are patterns to figure out which feels rewarding to people who like to solve puzzles in order to make progress. You learn an area, you conceptualize an area, you turn it upside down to figure it out, you find it's exit, solve the puzzle and feel rewarded when you make progress. One reward is freedom. Before you solve the puzzle you are often locked in, even if you walk all the way back you are met with a caved in corridor (Eye of the Beholder) or a locked door (Eye of the Beholder II). When you solve the puzzle a new area to explore is open to you, giving you another few steps, and another puzzle. Even when there are outdoor areas in games like EoB2 you are locked in to an area with something you have to figure out before you can make progress.

There's usually a survival element as well which drives you forth, if just to find more food, where as Skyrim have excess. You find few items and you have to put them to the best use your can with the characters you got. There's no excess and almost everything you scavenge can be of value.
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