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May 12th, 2012, 15:02
Not cogent at all.

He first introduced himself as an old experienced gamer who played those games back in the days.

Later, he puts on the shoes of the rookie gamer, telling that this revival gaming has to be cyclical.

The argument is that the gaming elements are limited in numbers and so are the possibilities to piece them together interestingly.

But as he is an old gamer, and that the design went dried already in the past, it would not be toward the end of the game that he would have noticed repetition but from the beginning, as it must have given a déjà vu feeling.

You either never play this kind of game before and the game fundamentals appear new to you.

Or you played lots of those games before and then, you might not be playing this kind of games to find original content, to find elements piece together in an interesting manner.

A strange statement for a niche developper.

Two decades ago, developping this type of game was major budgets. Today, it is small budget and short developpment cycle. A good combo for niche gaming.

The demographics of this game likely includes players who played the old classics of the genre when they were released and players who played them years later because they were classics.

There is clearly a demand by some players to play the same genre of games over and over again. They are not enough numerous to provide a platform to do something else but they are numerous enough to keep producing over and over the same game.

Adding to that, the developpers are going to release a tool kit to make mods. Meaning they will give themselves a large brainstorming room for ideas with players providing freely ideas, dungeon configurations etc… that will even reduce the cost of developpment.
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