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May 12th, 2012, 15:53
The main challenge ahead of Almost Human wrt Grimrock development is surely the double whammy of more tilesets (eg. forest, town, opulent/luxary, water/underwater, lave, ice) and character interaction/dialogue/cutscene (eg. EOB2). The latter would ideally be linked to some kind of scripting for more complex quests/events.

A suggestion would be to add some of these components as a free engine update for Grimrock (allowing mod developers access to more tilesets) backed up by a paid-for pre-created adventure. That way, whilst all Grimrock owners could have access to features for mod-compatibility, it'd still be profitable for AH by virtue of the money earned from the expansion pack.

In many ways, I'm thinking "what would it take to build EOB2 in Grimrock", not because I want an EOB2 clone, but rather EOB2 demonstrated an almost perfect expansion of the formula, which can be a template for grid-based RPGs even today. It showed how the dungeon of EOB1 could be replaced with an indoor/outdoor game with character interaction, subquests and so on without breaking the basic feel and gameplay concepts.

Then, modders can carry the flag while AH produce their next blockbuster (or more content/expansions as the mood takes them)!
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