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May 12th, 2012, 17:00
Replaying under the patch on inquisition track… Things that existed on Antigua are still there after the patch (none is critical however):
1. Wilson opens up the store once you do him a favor, but as soon you see (and buy perhaps) something in it, you can't access it any more. Doing him a second favor won't help. Two possible favors to open up his store only one time for whatever reason are setting him a meeting with the slut and retrieving his pistol back. In any case if you sell him something, you won't be able to buy it back ever again.
2. The slut mentioned in previous part behaves always like you have Patty in your party. Some dialogues got mixed up there.
3. When you grab the sceptre on the wall in Wilson's home (above him) you hear a voice curses you for doing it, but there is noone nearby nor anyone can actually see you. Is there an invisible NPC nearby? Not very likely as you don't hear any objections for looting other stuff in the room.
4. This probably isn't a bug but still… While getting the legendary item with the monkey, you may spot there is a hole (a plank missing) on the floor. But your monkey can't drop through that hole in your hero's hands although the hole looks wider than the monkey. It's possible that there is glass that covers that hole and prevents the monkey from falling down, but somehow I don't believe there is.

A note to myself - I remember buying a permapotion recipe in the town, but it's not available in my rerun. However I bought that one after I cleared the area and then returned and got Rick's quest so it's possible that the store refreshes after The Isle of Thieves just like mobs respawn, so I just have to check it out before adding this to the list.
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