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May 12th, 2012, 18:34
Originally Posted by blackcanopus View Post
I am not a big fan of Vogel, but from a design standpoint what he says is quite true. Grid based structure of the game limits design choices and creativity, which means every successive game with that engine will feel less and less fresh. There are ways to make Grimrock sequels feel fresh. For example Grimrock 2 can take place outdoors, but that's as good as it gets, they can't do much about it's structure.
Maybe I'm just stating the bleedingly obvious here, but I think we need to be very careful about how we phrase this complaint. The limit is not in the grid-based structure as such (i.e. that you can only move in four directions); it's that the rigid Dungeon Master formula - and an engine built exclusively to emulate said formula - focuses on Myst-like mechanical puzzles and dungeon mapping and not much else.

In principle, however, you could make a deep story-oriented game like Planescape Torment within a grid-based structure just as easily as a mere Dungeon Master clone (see Irien's comment above). A good example is Wizardry VII, which is more or less an open world game with lots of complex NPC interactions and emergent gameplay possibilities but still grid-based in its perspective and controls.
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